Pillow Pad iPad and Tablet Stand Holder

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Pillow Pad 

A re you tired of trying to hold up your device or book while sitting or lying down?

As soon as you’re able to find a comfortable position and relax, it falls over!

Discover the multi-angle tablet soft stand! Easily prop up all your electronic devices and printed materials for the perfect viewing angle. 

Perfect Design Designed by an optical engineer to provide 3 different viewing angles, the Ipad and Tablet Stand Pillow Holder give you three perfect perspectives, whether you are lying down, sitting, or standing. The net pocket on the side makes it easy to store accessories such as headphones, pens, and charging cables. Get comfortable, then let it do the work of holding your tablet or book at the best angle for you!

Soft Sturdy & Lightweight  The pillow is made of cotton and revolutionary cushioned foam that is ultra-light and super soft and fits perfectly on your iPad or tablet. 

Easy to clean The plush exterior is extra soft and unzips for easy cleaning (machine washable). 

Multifunctional  Perfect for iPads, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, magazines, books,  reading materials including books, magazines, textbooks! Great For Cookbook in the kitchen, reading in bed, doing homework in the car, it is terrific for readers of all ages.

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